A scene from Hearts of Desire with Loren Haynes and Paul Blott. Written and Directed by Loren Haynes. Produced by Pink Adobe Productions

Scene from the film Hearts of Desire written and directed by Loren Haynes. In this scene: Loren Haynes, Jenny Gabriel, Brighid Fleming, Issac Kappy. Folk art Albert Lopez. Song: Stolen Car Performed by Patty Griffin Written by Bruce Springsteen Mechanical usage rights issued.

Crash with Dennis Hopper and Loren Haynes. A scene for the Starz Series "Crash" with Dennis Hopper, Loren Haynes, and Jocko Sims. Cast by Sharon Bially

Loren Haynes in The Drifter . My first Featured role in a film. Casting by Kerry Barden.

My role in "Into The Badlands" with Bruce Dern, Mariel Hemmingway, Helen Hunt, Dylan McDermott and directed by Sam Pillsbury

A short scene from Valley of Elah with Charlize Theron and Tommy Lee Jones. Directed by Paul Haggis.

a Scene from the Expendables, a Roger Corman Film. Shot in the Philippines.

A Scene from Hearts of Desire with Brighid Flemming, shot in Santa Fe, NM

"A Memory of Time" promo EPK  with two songs from A Memory of Time, edited with behind the scenes footage at the recording studio, and clips from the film Hearts of Desire. I edited the footage to my song Sounds of The Night and the cover I do of Patty Griffin's killing song, Up the Mountain.

A Columbia University Director's Unit Short Film. My First film work at that point. It was written and directed by Duffy Pratt and Josh Golden was part of the crew. We would find ourselves working in LA shortly after this film. It was memorable for me, not only for the learning experience, but because two young agents who I was very interested in working with and we had been been working together in a development capacity, came out in the pouring rain to see the screening of the film, which encouraged me. But it was not enough to encourage them to to actively represent me and help build my career through the years. It was devastating at the time. I was close to quitting, but in the end did not. One of them became and remains one the most powerful agents in the industry; which I predicted at the time.. ...I recently just found the tape of this film and are placing it here as reminder that we all start somewhere and to believe in your work and not be shut down by others lack of support. Learn from it and march on.

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